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Hi Im Louise, the founder, president, and crazy boss lady of Pet Pals GC.

It is hard to explain how I got into the rescue world, but the day I rescued my first dog, and looked into her eyes, I knew this was what I was here for.

In 2006 I moved with my family to Gran Canaria, to begin a new chapter of my life, little did I know that this move would change my life forever. Not only has my life changed, but the lives of thousands of animals, desperately in need of help. I have always been surrounded by animals, even from an early age, and the cruelty on the island made me realize I had to do something to help. I decided to devote my life to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the dogs that had been mistreated, and discarded.

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With no prior experience of running a non-profit charity in Spain, I moved my family to a plot of land up a mountain, to live in a goat shed, and founded Pet Pals GC.

I was soon recognized as a charity, and people began to follow and support what I did. Gran Canaria is a beautiful island, with a huge animal abandonment problem, and there are many days when I feel I am attempting to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. However, with my unique style of rescue, my outspoken ways, and my show it all approach, my followers grew.

Rescue is not pretty, it is emotional, and heartbreaking, dirty and stressful, and I show it all through my blog and FB page. I wanted to prove that broken, old, deaf, blind dogs are just as appealing, and you can guarantee if a dog is found that needs surgery, or that simply no other rescue will touch, it is the one that I want.

Over the years I have built a fantastic UK team, where the dogs go to foster and find amazing homes, without their support and devotion I could not do what I do. With these incredible women we are making a difference to so many lives.

Non-profit charities like mine rely entirely on donations, I have no government support or funding. I rely on the income from our charity shop here on the island, and the supporters who donate regularly. From the run-down finca I moved into, donations have built a fantastic play area and pool for the dogs, I have a recovery and puppy area, and not forgetting the other resident rescue animals that live here, a new duck pond, stables, and fencing . However, as with all rescues, every month I worry about feed bills, repair bills, and of course my vets bill. My vet is amazing, and supports what I do 100% allowing me to run up huge bills, and chip away at them when I can.

Although the day to day running of Pet Pals GC, is on my shoulders, and I do everything myself, my charity as a whole could not function without everyone that is involved. It would be nothing without all of you! I cannot thank my followers enough for their financial help, and their support through the good times and bad. You have been with me through the tears, floods, fires, operations, and happy tails.

All of you make a huge difference to the dogs here on GC. So, hold on tight, enjoy the ride, and lets see what the future brings!

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