Volunteer Programme


The volunteer program At Pet Pals GC is intended for the benefit of our animals. There are established rules to ensure that their physical and emotional safety is considered at all times. If you wish to volunteer with our program, I will require you to complete the application form. Once approved you will need to sign an agreement that you understand the rules, and they will be followed. The safety of the animals on the property is paramount. Volunteer duties include: cleaning, feeding, playing with the dogs, vets runs, going to perreras, basically mirroring what I do in a day. You will have fun, it is impossible not to spend time with the dogs and not have fun, but you will also be exhausted. You may also be asked to help with cleaning and feeding the other rescue animals. It is an experience that you will not regret, and you will experience the full spectrum of running a busy rescue. Every day starts with great intentions to accomplish specific things that day, however, in the world of rescue that often changes.



You will be staying in a purpose built volunteer apartment, it is on the property. There is a bedroom, bathroom, and small kitchen area.



The volunteer program is fantastic, and it is great that people want to come and help, however, there are costs involved, that cannot be covered by the charity. Therefore, a contribution of 120€ is asked for to help cover the costs involved.



We are based up a mountain, with no bus routes. If you wish to explore the island during your down time, you will need a hire car. Please get in contact for the application forms


Volunteer Application